Flexy is your energy contract manager. Flexy optimizes your long-term energy contracts.Flexy is independent of suppliers and offers a different approach to the management of energy contracts: active management approach and long term.Flexy has already more than 200 satisfied professionals. A real community that wants their bills actively managed and without the administrative hassles.Part of our administrative costs are covered by you, the rest by the supplier via a commissionFlexy gets remunerated only if you make savings. A single and unique membership fee is asked. The good news is that the fee is proportional to the savings you made.No commitment! You are free with Flexy. You may at any time and without justification unsubscribe from Flexy and/or switch suppliers.Active management! Flexy reviews your contract at each due date to ensure that you get the best conditions year after year.Flexy allows you to achieve sustainable savings on your bill. Flexy's active management is the guarantee that your contract is reviewed annually and if there is a better offer on the market, you will be first to enjoy it.
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