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Who is Qiwie? Qiwie is an independent consultancy firm specialised in recruitment communications. Our young, dynamic team comprised of HR consultants, recruitment consultants, social media consultants and copywriters has more than 25 years of experience in recruitment communications. This experience supplies us with unique knowledge that we apply to our search for the right employee for your organisation.What does Qiwie do? Qiwie guides you through the maze of jobsites, social media, job magazines, regional and daily newspapers, professional publications, magazines and any other online or offline media you can think of. More and more people are looking for jobs via the internet. Online recruiting is becoming increasingly more important; therefore, it is essential to publish your job opportunity via the appropriate channels to attract the right candidates. Candidates have changed the way they look for job opportunities in newspapers and magazines, and Qiwie takes advantage of these changes. We create an effective campaign that brings your job opportunities and your employer brand name to the right candidates via the right channels. Furthermore, Qiwie takes a lot of work off your hands by designing, preparing and publishing your job posting, and by filtering the CVs received if desired.
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